Equipment for service centers.

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Equipment for service centers.

Well-trained employees are not the only thing that is needed for a quality service center. The equipment for the service center is as important as the scalpel for the surgeon. In its absence, it will not be possible to provide the customer with either reliable and complete diagnostics of equipment that needs repair, or high-quality repairs, refueling, and restoration of cartridges.

It is the diagnostics that allows you to identify any malfunction in order to quickly and effectively eliminate it. If you carry out repairs and identify the malfunction with the help of an experienced service engineer, then you will most likely not be able to make diagnostics and refill the cartridge efficiently without equipment.

Types of equipment for service centers.

The equipment is divided by types of printing: for inkjet and laser printers.

For inkjet cartridges.

Modular multifunctional tester SHOPTESTER 200 – with its help you can easily check more than 100 models of cartridges without having to keep a huge fleet of equipment. Full print, electrical circuit and TSR thermal resistance test.

The PROFILL 155 Inkjet Cartridge Filling Station is a professional refilling station for all types of inkjet cartridges. Refueling is carried out in a vacuum. The station makes it possible to refill cartridges to full volume.

The built-in control system and touch screen allow for accurate measurements of the amount of ink and fully automate the refueling process. Productivity: 80 color and 240 black cartridges per hour.

The SHOPCLEAN 55 inkjet washer is required to clean all types of printhead inkjet cartridges. Cleans printheads, removes dried ink and pigment. Small footprint – direct connection to compressor.

Universal centrifuge SHOPDRAIN 100 with coils for the installation of 12 cartridges per cycle. Used to remove ink or cleaning fluid residues as efficiently as possible.

The SHOPFILL 55 ink refueling device includes the following functions: vacuum refilling, rinsing and removing excess ink. Refueling is carried out using syringes. The station is equipped with a compressor.

The VI.0 inkjet cartridge vacuum rehydrator efficiently hydrates the inside of the inkjet cartridge. Timer control and condensate control. Productivity – 12 cartridges per cycle.

For laser cartridges.

If you are refueling on the road, then a vacuum cleaner for refilling PATRON Extra C3 cartridges will help you, it does its job perfectly and after your work everything around is clean, which, of course, will be appreciated by your customer.

For a high-quality refueling in a service center, you will need a station for refueling PATRON R2 cartridges – it is equipped with filters that leave the air in the room clean. The cartridge refueling station perfectly sucks up toner and helps to completely clean the cartridge from the remaining toner inside.

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