The culture of video surveillance systems installation.

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The culture of video surveillance systems installation.

Video monitoring

The installation process is the basis for building any system, which determines its further efficiency and functionality. Its initial study and setting of tasks, the level of materials and tools used, literacy and qualifications of the installer

There are many examples of installations mounted at sites where they are faced with problems of insufficient efficiency of systems, partial or complete failures, mainly arising from mistakes made during installation, or due to the reduction in cost due to the abandonment of components determined by the installation culture. Most often, neglect of this process is observed, which is the main mistake. The main problems of the customer are that, in most cases, either the installation is perceived as a simple mechanical process, and then, relying on the professionalism and responsibility of the contractor, no special attention is paid to him, or, on the contrary, the customer’s excessive interference in this technological process and the regulation of materials and actions independently, completely reducing the reliability and capabilities of the system due to insufficient knowledge.

The most important part that affects the quality of the installation work is the initial design stage, but many neglect it. The construction of any system must necessarily be carried out after a detailed study of the project, whether it is a video surveillance system, an access control system (ACS), an alarm system, etc. Before executing, you need to find out:

In principle, it is impossible to draw up a high-quality project without clarifying these issues.

Types of installation of video surveillance cameras.

Just think, installing a video camera, what could be easier. Take it and screw it to anything, turn it in the direction of viewing and you’re done. But in practice, the installation of surveillance cameras

Installing a video camera indoors requires first taking into account the design of the video camera and the general view of the interior and the properties of the mounting surface, whether it will be too noticeable or invisible, whether it is combined with the environment, and then, whether it is securely fixed, how the cable will fit it, whether it will look and etc. The technical and technological aspects of the installation and the video camera itself are also important. In addition, it is important to direct the camera so that the light from the lighting lamps does not fall into its lens, otherwise there will be a strong flare in the frame, making part of the image from the camcorder useless.

Installing an outdoor surveillance camera is more complicated. For an outdoor video camera, the following are important: viewing angle, installation height, and even more – light sources, including the Sun. Street surveillance should be carried out at night, and if at night the light source enters the view of the video camera, then the display will just be a white spot. Therefore, the camera should be installed as far as possible from opposed and intersecting light sources.

It is also important to install an outdoor video camera under the eaves so that the edge of the roof is not directly above the video camera, as icicles hanging in the warm winter can significantly damage it.

Rules for installing CCTV cameras.